Leather Patches & Leather Labels

Britian Labels can also offer special trims such as leather patches and labels for brands that want something a little different.

Leather labels provide a unique and luxurious alternative to traditional woven labels. Leather is a strong, durable and supple material with a rich colour and texture, making it perfect for designer brands that wish to convey a sense of quality. Leather patches can be attached to the outside of a garment, and are the ideal addition for denim products, jackets and outerwear. They can also be used as removable hang tags to add value and help garments stand out in store.

Why are we the best choice for leather patches and labels?

We have the specialist equipment
We have the specialist equipment required to add incredible detail to leather patches. Our facilities benefit from the latest printing technologies, making it possible to create garment labels from a huge range of materials. Stun your customers with embossed, debossed and studded detailing.
Our manufacturing facilities are close to major garment industry hubs
Our manufacturing facilities are close to major garment industry hubs so we can deliver packaging orders to garment manufacturers quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our strategic global locations, Britannia can cut lead times and make sure that your brand receives leather labels when it needs them most.
Britian Labels uses centralised digital artwork libraries
Britian Labels uses centralised digital artwork libraries which are strictly version controlled. This meanings each of our facilities has instant access to the latest imagery provided by our clients. We can therefore efficiently manage customer input and ensure uniform production of all leather labels across various production facilities.
We are garment packaging professionals
We are garment packaging professionals.with decades of experience in the industry. Britannia has worked with several major brands in the garment industry, as well as more exclusive designers, and we have learnt how to cater to a variety of client needs. Challenge us to meet your packaging needs, we won’t disappoint!
Our transparent approach
Our transparent approach to supply chain processes provides customers with piece of mind. We utilize innovative cloud-based supply chain technology to track every order in real time, and our clients can access this data too. Check where your leather patches have come from and when they will be delivered at the touch of a button. This transparent approach helps us to keep our global supply chain running as efficiently as possible, and helps you to keep your production line informed and on schedule.